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-------"I have done two past-life regressions with Diane and both proved to change my relationships for the better within one week of each regression.  Before my first regression, I was having an extremely difficult time with my ex-husband.  Throughout our marriage and afterward, he was jealous, threatening and competitive.  These were negative traits that I had difficulty facing and I had even more difficulty in dealing with them in an appropriate manner.  After my regression in which I identified my ex-husband as my brother, it was clear that in every life, this man was a jealous, competitive, scared individual.  I changed the way I behaved toward him and took a stronger stance to his weakened state.  The result has been a far better relationship between my ex-husband so that we can co-parent our children in a positive manner.
My second regression identified a past-life experience with my boss, whom I was convinced hated me and did not support me in my current job.  In this regression, I saw that my boss was present in a past life as a man who felt abandoned by me and constantly threatened by me.  When I returned to work with my boss, there was an immediate change in how we related to each other.  My understanding of her fear helped me change the way in which I worked with her.  We are  now colleagues who respect and trust one another and this has improved my working environment immensely."