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Full Spectrum Psychotherapy is a system developed and exclusively offered in Montana by Diane Morrin, L.C.P.C., that incorporates Traditional Psychotherapy, the Enneagram, Meditation Practice, and Regression Therapy; both Past-Life and Life Between Lives.  The combination of these 4 elements and the way in which they are interwoven within each person moves clients forward in their understanding of themselves and life in general at a speed only those participating in this system can imagine. 
At this point in time the Earth needs a human population with a higher level of consciousness if we are to survive.  The system used by Full Spectrum Psychotherapy raises the level of personal and spiritual consciousness rapidly.  It is possible to achieve our personal goals and our planetary needs if we undertake this proven method.
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." -Albert Einstein
Please take time to enjoy my site. There is a complete history about the process I went through to bring about Full Spectrum Psychotherapy.  I will go into more detail about Traditional Psychotherapy, the Enneagram, Meditation, and Regression Therapy and why each one is so important.

Diane Morrin, M.A., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor